3d printed landing gear for 420 gram 250-size quadcopter

The stock landing gear of my 250 tarot was too large, heavy and would get caught in grass in fast forward flight. The situation demanded upgraded landing gear!

What I wanted to accomplish was to avoid the landing gear to hook onto things on the ground. it should be cheap, light, flexible, crash proof, aerodynamic and also easy to change!

I got inspired by this Youtube video but wanted something more slim 

Here is the 3rd iteration of my design

Do it yourself! Here is the source file and stl file for use with a 3d-printer.

The design is 3d-printed with ABS plastic and it only takes a few minutes on our Bukobot-8 to print out a new set. I attach it with some hot glue and a zip-tie to the frame. After a crash it’s very easy to peel off the hot glue from the carbon fiber plate to change it for a new one. If you have problems getting old hotglue off, put it in the freezer for 5 minutes and try again, it will be a lot easier!

240fps slow-mo drop:

I found that they will brake a bit too easily when i crash with the current thickness(0.6mm), but I find that I rather have to change the landing gear every now and then than having something heavier on, and if it breaks it means it absorbed some energy!

After crashing from more than 5 meters altitude onto a football field


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