• Meta-post

    I’ve made one attempt on blogging before, that didn’t go too well.

    Now however i feel i had a need for a blog, my vision for this blog is a way to document primarily projects i undertake, but also to share things i learnt and help others.

    So let’s get to it!

    these are the mentionable project’s I’ve been involved in so far:

    DeathCounter, Festmaskinen, Döbbeldäcker 3000, Quadcopter ( probably the only project i have not yet found a good name for), Gulliver, Sleipner(benjamins postsshowoff video), Lilla Lisa, Bikelights.
    I hope I’ll find time to write more about each and every of these projects in separate posts.
    ongoing stuff:
    Chairman in Chalmers Robotförening, trainee in Chalmers Student Formula, learning the STM32F4, Lilla Lisa ( I plan to put a STM32F4 Discovery in this sumo and develop the code running on it myself as a first project), Quadcopter – design phase is basically done and i just need to find time to manufacture it, put in electronics, test, crash, repeat. Linefollower.
    let’s hope this get’s interesting!